Do mail promotions work and if so, what’s the best format for me?

Mail communications absolutely do work and be fully addressed direct mail, partially addressed or non-addressed, so in the context of growth, we’re mainly talking about questions such as:

  • Is Direct Mail suitable for my business and if so, am I best sending fully named & addressed or partially addressed mail?  And where are non-addressed ‘doorbox drops’ appropriate?

  • What’s the difference between ‘Litho’ and ‘Digital’ printing and which is best for me?

  • What’s the difference between  DL, C5, C4 & BRE’s envelopes and what other options do you have for enclosure?!

  • What’s the most cost-effective way to personalise and print my mail communications?

  • What’s the most cost-effective way to post my items and how will it look in my prospect’s hand?

  • We assist with all aspects of direct mail campaign planning, data selection, creative design, printing, package and postage.

  • Together we create solid plans to help fuel your growth.

  • We help you create solid and sustained business growth.

Our print marketing consultants are here to help with each and every aspect fo your mail marketing campaign to ensure we get it right, because for us, it’s vital we help set your business on its correct and unique path for solid and sustained growth.  Contact us today to start the journey.