Traffic, Traction & Trust:

LIVE can assist with lead generation & web traffic, print outreach, online search visibility, trust & engagement.

LIVE has the expertise, drive and charisma to propel your brand, user experience and business forward and can help you bring your vision to life.  Covering the fullest remit of lead generation channels, print formats, search and social media channels, you will love LIVE!

If you’re looking for leads & lead generation to fill your sales funnel, direct mail with a degree of print personalisation that many providers struggle with, more from search presence or social media channels, LIVE could be the marketing product suite for you!

Lead Gen

Lead Creation, Management & Optimisation

Lead generation is the process of attracting and converting suspects into prospects and is something we specialise in. We use a broad array of techniques, technologies & teams to identify, engage and qualify business or consumer prospects for our client’s sales funnels, who have indicated interest in your company’s product or service, for your sales-teams or marketing automation programmes to act upon.

That is, unless you want us to handle the next step too, which of course we can, with ease and efficiency, by calling upon the expertise and resource of the team at Contact Nexus.

We offer creative lead generations solutions via a huge range of channels and formats, including Online Native Advertising, Co-Registration, Online, Face-to-Face & Telephone Lifestyle Surveys, Inbound Newspaper Advertising Responses and Inbound Radio Calls, amongst many others.


Highly-Personalised, On-Demand Mail & Print

Our print solutions are incredibly reliable, flexible and good value-for-money. Personalisation is key for direct mail to function optimally and our variable print and variable insert solutions cater for even the most complex and complicated mailing arrangements with the greatest of ease and composure.

Our ‘right first time’ mantra and work ethic empowers us, as we invest the appropriate planning time in each and every campaign. This ensures we execute and fulfil without delay or compromise. With four mail collections each day, we are fast too, so if you want your mail out and right first time, contact us, we are here to help!

Whether you need sales & marketing or transactional mail, as a one-off or regularly, we can support you with letter, postcard, printed envelope mailings, brochures, catalogues, larger format, posters (standard & light-backed) and bespoke, or even personalised greeting cards! We have it all covered here!


Search Engine Marketing Solutions that actually work across all paid & organic channels!

One of our favourite marketing disciplines and an area of direct marketing we are determined to clean up and demystify. Far too many businesses have had a bad experience with search and have seen vast budgets diminish with little return. We offer leading-edge expertise, accountability and best-practice in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), across all disciplines.

We provide a thoroughbred 100% white-hat, content- and best-practice-led SEO service, highly optimised and bespoke Paid Search across Google and all major search engines and Pay-Per-Click advertising avenues, as well as a huge array of Influencer Marketing options and Guaranteed National Press Coverage.


Gamification, User Experience (UX) & Social Media Marketing across all paid & organic channels

Looking for higher levels of engagement? You’re in the right place! We specialise in driving higher levels of engagement via the latest technologies and techniques, across bleeding-edge gamifcation, the full spectrum of User Experience (UX), digital commutations and social media marketing, across sponsored (paid) and organic channels.

Engagement requires compelling creative, committed execution and elegant optimisation. It also needs novel thinking and a strategically sound approach. If you’re looking for higher engagement from your social channels, or even your broader direct marketing, you are in safe hands with us. We are here to help!

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