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Contact Nexus: Our Omni-Channel Messaging & Communications Powerhouse, Global Call Centre Panel & In-House Call Centre Team

Our omni-channel digital communications hub offers strategic & unified inbound and outbound Email, Web, Chat, SMS, What’s App and push notification capability. Outside of digital, we speak your language, with a network of over 300 vetted call centres globally at our disposal, an internal stable of 16 active lead generation centres, with more available if needed, an additional 12 state-of-the-art multi-channel centres specialising in delivering excellence in Customer Experience (CX) globally and our flagship centre in the UK which offers bi-directional marketing campaign, market research and CX support, in most languages.

Not only do customers nowadays expect real-time, cross-channel, cross-timezone communications, but they expect them to be seamless, cohesive and consistent. This is a clearly a huge logistical challenge. On top of this, is the very real pressure that one service failure, at any point, in the full spectrum of your service communications, can lead to displeased customers and negative social media exposure: brands have one chance to please and a thousand opportunities to fail.  Whatever your communications requirements are, Contact Nexus can help you.

The Contact Nexus Team are high-energy and highly-specialised, we create high-impact communications and PR campaigns, market research programmes, outreach digital marketing campaigns ands outbound telemarketing programmes.

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“Our continued investment in high calibre contact centre personnel & marketing outreach specialists ensures we are capable & confident of being able to deliver on our promises.”

Our team continually strive to deliver the best and are committed to continuous professional development. We attract, develop and retain the highest calibre of professionals to represent ourselves and our clients. For many, marketing is a necessity, for some its a passion, but for us, its an obsession. Our Mission Statement is to fuel growth and we are guided by our DEVELOP model, which every member of the team wholeheartedly endorse.


“Our continued investment in best-of-breed technologies & expertise helps keep us at the bleeding edge of marketing technology utilisation.”

To ensure we deliver the first class service our clients demand, we need to have the latest technologies in our armoury and we do. It is critical in today’s fast moving, highly competitive and sophisticated business arena to have a deep and meaningful grasp of technological capabilities and advancements to remain ahead of the game. We embrace and adore the latest technologies, techniques and tools to power your communications in ever more complex and varied ways.


“Our continued investment in the professional development of our consultancy & product teams equips us for any challenge you may face.”

Knowledge is power and underpins all business growth. Knowledge though, by its very nature, is constantly evolving and so are we. Our clients rely on us and know we demand the very best from our teams to implement and deliver the latest technologies and solutions to keep you at the cutting-edge of your respective industry and to assist you in out-manoeuvring and leap-frogging the competition.

One Group: Five Business Teams: One Vision

“To deliver our customers compelling experiences & creativity, as well as accountable results and a high level of support, within an ever-evolving marketing spectrum”.

The Studio 222 team can help improve your brand and creative experiences, aesthetic elements or just tell your story, your way. We’re always compelling, effective and on-brand.

One Group: One Focus: Your Growth

“From start-ups to leading multi-national organisations, growing your business is what we are experts at.  We are passionate and committed to your growth and success, so we welcome you to start your journey with us today.”

Our highly specialised five business teams are here to help. CHASE, LIVE, Contact Nexus, Insight Data Index & Studio 222.

Our Services

Learn more about our unique service matrix, the Service Octagon.

Our ever-expanding, broad array of sophisticated marketing and growth services allows us to identify which solutions and configurations will optimally satisfy your marketing & business goals, drives positive experiences and audience engagement, exceed your expectations and deliver a solid Return-On-Investment (ROI).

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Our Approach

Learn more about our unique approach, BUSINESS FIRE.

Learn more about our unique Business Improvement System, BUSINESS FIRE, designed to set your business alight!  Through our bespoke, progressive approach, we can develop both your business and your brand in a thorough and thought-provoking way.  Our robust model builds on our expertise in strategic marketing and develops your business across three core phases and twelve sequential steps.

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Our Teams

Learn more about our unique teams, CHASE, LIVE, Contact Nexus, IDI & Studio 222.

Love what they do!  We are passionate about marketing and brand-building.  Across our five core teams of CHASELIVEContact Nexus, the Insight Data Index & Studio 222, we have it covered.  Our teams come together effortlessly and seamlessly, with the single goal of providing you the highest level of service and competence possible.

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Email Marketing Client

“I engaged Permission Media Group with Gareth and Andy in January 2018 ago supply us with data for our project.  In the last 8 months Permission Media Group’s supply of data has been central in the development and success of our marketing efforts.

They have far out-performed anything else we have encountered during my many years of direct sales and marketing with open and click through rates higher than I have ever seen.

Both Gareth and Andy are great to work with and I have no hesitation in recommending to others!”

Data Partner & Technology Pioneer

Direct Mail Client

We have been working with Permission Media for some time now for our own and for client data use. We have pushed Gareth and their team to the limit with some very specific requirements – which they have handled both professionally and efficiently.

The data always meets our requirements, they go to great care to ensure that the data profile meets our needs. 

Having been purchasing data for many years it is refreshing to be able to learn something every time we communicate with them.

Marketing Agency & Mailing House

Search Marketing Clients

“I am in awe of Permission Media’s passion and knowledge for SEO – they have the quest to be the best and are proactively on top of their specialism.”

Leading UK University

“They are one of the best in the SEO business. Highly recommended.”

e-Commerce & Marketing Consultant

“On a professional and personal level working with Permission Media is a tremendously positive experience. Their expertise is coupled with the humility required to connect and explain to the uninitiated and to follow up with results!”

Gaming Sector

Telemarketing Data Client

“I can whole-heartedly give the thumbs-up for delivering the best data we’ve ever used.

The connectivity is second to none and their sophisticated approach to targeting the right data for you will leave you in no doubt that they are at the top of their game.

If you want to take your telemarketing to the next level, try these guys! You won’t be disappointed!”

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Call Centre

Lead Generation Data Client

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Gareth for a number of years on a variety of projects, most notably lead generation. Not only has he been someone who has pedigree within this area, providing me with great insight and wisdom, but he also shares passionate ethos to success.

I believe his desire to be ‘the best he can be’ will propel him to levels of achievement most can only dream about.

Business-to-Consumer (B2C) Service Provider